A Note From Our Founder


It’s hard to believe another holiday season here.  What a wild past 18 months and such a crazy new reality we live in.  Before the frenzy of the holidays sets in, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for supporting Leland Francis.

This past year, Leland Francis focused on strengthening the sustainability of our products, the elimination of plastic from our current and future packaging, swapping our boxes to fully recycled paper, as well as launched a few new candles as part of Ruby Gertrude Apothecary.  While we paused the launch of new skincare products over the past 12 months, our launch pipeline coming this year is incredibly exciting.  At times, I need to pinch myself when I think about how this bootstrapped, self-funded, company named after my great grandpa now has customers all over the globe. 

While we celebrate our success, we’ve never faced more challenges as a small business.  If you’re watching the news, I’m sure you have seen the countless stories about the supply chain.   A shortage of ingredients and components, compounded by a lack of skilled dock workers and truck drivers have resulted in increases on freight, surging costs across our product pipeline. We’ve seen wait times of more than 6 months on ingredients to make some of our products and we apologize if your favorite product has been out of stock.

The reality of this brave new world is that smaller companies are severely disadvantaged against those with greater buying power.  The cost of our goods has doubled, and at times tripled in cost. The net effect of these circumstances is that some small companies will not survive, while large ones become even more powerful.

As we head into this magical season of giving thanks and sharing love, please keep these dynamics in mind and support the small businesses that matter to you, from the mom-and-pop corner store to your favorite neighborhood restaurant. Remember to plan ahead when shopping for gifts, allow for the possibility of unexpected issues be kind to your mail carrier and delivery drivers.

And, if you are looking for a gift to impress your skincare or candle loving family and friends, may I suggest something from Leland Francis or Ruby Gertrude Apothecary. Feel free to sign up for our text messages to receive exclusive news and promos without exclusions, text LOVE to +1 (844) 590-0507.

May your family, friends, and table be full of love this holiday season.


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