Hot Off the Press: Clean Fragrances our Community Loves

Every fragrance you see on is consciously crafted with natural ingredients to keep your self care routine and the planet clean.

 Hot Off the Press: Clean Fragrances our Community Loves | Leland Francis
With a rising concern for conscious consumption – including cosmetic ingredients – it can be overwhelming to decide how to clean out your bathroom cabinet and start fresh. We’re asking ourselves: What is a clean fragrance? How is clean beauty different from regular beauty? And when it comes to the results of these choices, is clean beauty really better for you?

As a clean beauty brand, we are dedicated to creating clean and natural beauty products free of toxic ingredients. Whether it’s making our candle boxes from recycled materials or manufacturing our fragrances in small batches, it’s our priority to offer you thoughtfully made self-care essentials that you love for the results – for both people and the planet.

We’re sharing a few fan-favorite fragrances seen in publications you already love and trust. From Cosmopolitan to W Magazine, these all-new fragrances are making their clean beauty debut.

Nature – in a bottle.
No phthalates. No parabens. No formaldehyde. No synthetic ingredients. Vegan + Cruelty-free.

Made in Small Batches 
Leland Francis upholds a commitment to products and processes that protect the planet. Made in small batches, our eau de parfum collection is thoughtfully made to minimize excess waste.

Made with Skin Safe Ingredients
Made with skin safe and natural oil, every fragrance in our collection is made with you – and the planet – in mind. Our eau de parfum is blended with raw materials, including organic sugar cane alcohol. 

Gender Inclusive 
From floral favorites to sultry scents, we’ve intentionally created each fragrance to compliment the natural beauty that already exists within you.

James - Eau de Parfum
Inspired by a bank-side picnic at Les Jardins de Versailles at the peak of springtime, our all-new James fragrance embodies the delicacy of seasonal fruits and florals. Scent notes of crisp melon and perfectly ripened peach balance the powdery scent bouquet of rose petals, heliotrope, and violet. 

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James - Eau de Parfum | Leland Francis


 Cowgirl - Eau de Parfum

Complete your coastal cowgirl aesthetic with a southern scent inspired by the characteristics of a classic cowgirl: boots, spurs, lace, trail rides through flower fields, and cozy nights by the campfire. This sultry fragrance balances warm bergamot, patchouli, and sandalwood with sweet notes of tuberose, orange blossoms, geraniums and jasmine.

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Cowgirl - Eau de Parfum | Leland Francis

Cowboy - Eau de Parfum

Save a horse, wear a Cowboy - Eau de Parfum. Say howdy to this fragrance inspired by green pastures, worn-in denim, and the grit of a true southern gentleman. Earthy notes of hemp and vetiver blend with the brighter profiles of lemon zest, galbanum, and violet leaf to balance out the faint addition of black pepper to this spicy-sweet fragrance.

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Cowboy - Eau de Parfum | Leland Francis


Clean Beauty and a Clear Conscience
Shop our well-loved fragrances free from toxic ingredients. Thank you for being part of this community and supporting clean, consciously made skin and body care that helps you feel your best.

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