Why I Created Luxe Face Oil?

Luxe Face Oil. 

The Oil that started it all.

It was November 2014 and I had just quit my job as a National Makeup artist at a Bobbi Brown in NYC to go freelance. 

As a makeup artist and lover of face oils, I needed a face oil that I could use on set to help prime and prep the skin. It had to be all-natural, as I noticed the models were looking at ingredients on the skincare packages.  It needed to give hydration without looking oily. The face oil needed to be gender-neutral and suitable for everyone, something that I wouldn’t have to hide the label when I applied it to a client’s face or body. I wanted something that I could mix with foundation to sheer it out or mix with a touch of shimmer to give the clavicle a nice pop. I wanted something that would look elegant on my makeup station in photo studios and something that would look nice on my vanity at home. I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I created it, and my first product – the Luxe Face Oil – was born.


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