Why I Created Candles?

At Leland Francis we believe skincare isn’t the only thing that should be clean. We believe our home scents should be clean too.  
We believe what we put on our skin should be clean and non-toxic and we should try and treat our 4th largest organ, the lungs, the same way we treat our skin, with care. 
So, I set out on a journey.  A journey to develop clean non-toxic candles. Candles that wouldn’t fill our home and lungs with synthetic chemicals.   Candles that fit with-in these requirements; 

  1. The fragrance oils used to scent them had to be 100% Natural and should be ethically sourced
  2. The wax used must be vegan and could not contain beeswax or paraffin. 
  3. The wick could not contain metal. 

I was told what I wanted would be too costly and was not possible, but I persisted. Today we have two candles.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you. 

Dillon Pena

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