Why I Created Melting Balm?

On set or when I'm in stores, I often get asked, “Why did you create a third cleanser?”
The answer was simple. 
As a makeup artist, I needed something easy to use and traveled well without spilling inside my makeup kit.  I needed something gentle but effective in the removal of makeup without the mess of a cleansing oil.  The formula had to be clean and I was focused on making sure it was multipurpose.

The formula took over two years to perfect and I almost believed the lab when they told me what I wanted could be achieved.  I’m thankful I didn’t.  The result is a rich cream meets jelly that emulsifies to an oil gel.  It deep cleans without leaving your skin dry. 

Gently massage on dry skin as a first cleanse and rinse with lukewarm water and wash cloth.  The result is a clean skin that still feels supple and not stripped.   I also use the melting balm as an overnight balm and press face oil on top so I wake with hydrated glowing skin. 
My partners favorite way to use Melting Balm is when taking a bath, he first cleanses with Black Rose Cleansing Gel, and then uses the Melting Balm as a mask while he soaks and relaxes.  All the while complaining that I don’t yet offer a bath soak yet.   Hmmmm ……. 
Others prefer to use this as step one in their double cleansing routine. 

What is your favorite way to use melting balm?
I’d love to hear how you used the melting balm. 


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I haven’t tried it yet but I want to, i just purchased a coconut oil from Skinny &co it’s a cleansing Balm and Makeup Remover. I apply it all over my face and remove it with a makeup remover wipe then I clean my face with a cleanser.

Alice Patterson April 16, 2020

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