I’m pleased to introduce you to Ruby Gertrude Apothecary by Leland Francis. For You. For Home. Rooted in Nature. 

It's been my belief that skin care is not the only thing that should be clean. It's just as important for the fragrances in our home to be non-toxic. When I set out to develop candles for Leland Francis that were free of synthetic fragrances, colors, parabens and phtahalates; I was told it was not possible or that it was simply too expensive.  

I searched and discovered a path that did not compromise ingredients or scent.  While both Leland Francis No. 109 and No. 79 candles will remain a staple, Ruby Gertrude Apothecary allows us to be more playful and experiment in the clean home fragrance category.

Through COVID quarantine and lockdowns Ruby Gertrude Apothecary has developed over a dozen unique & custom fragrances made only from natural oils and raw plant materials. 

Ruby Gertrude Apothecary invites you to enjoy our new candle COWBOY. 


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Love the Ruby Gertrude candles! Picnic reminds me of spring! Can’t wait to try the others!

Gynna Thornton Jenkins October 06, 2022

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