Meet The Luxe Lotion.

Meet The Luxe Lotion, where clean ingredients don’t mean the sacrifice of luxury.

As a professional makeup artist, I wanted something that I could use on hot and humid days that would provide enough moisture to hold makeup without melting. I wanted something universal, that would work on skin of any age, texture, or type. I wanted it to look good and have ingredients that really moisturize and provide a smooth base for makeup application. To make a long story short, I wanted a luxury formula, and I wanted it to be made from ingredients that are both clean and natural. I couldn’t find the product that would satisfy my needs, so I went ahead and made my own. Enter stage: The Luxe Lotion.

Our formulation process is an “ingredients first” mindset - meaning we start with the very best skin-loving elements and go from there. Because we make our products in small batches, we are 100% able to ensure that quality and thoughtfulness can be put into every product. The Luxe Lotion began with must-have moisturizer ingredients like Calendula, Chamomile, and Coconut Fruit Extract, because what’s hydration without calming and nourishing properties. The key vitamins Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin E are good for both your skin AND your insides, so we knew that they need to be included in order to promote balanced skin and protection from damaging free radicals. Unsung heroes Bakuchiol and Cooper Gluconate work together to smooth and firm skin by supporting collagen production, meaning your skin looks youthful, longer. 

Other must-haves in a moisturizer (in my professional opinion) are its texture, weight, and application. In my work, so often are moisturizers so heavy that the makeup you apply over them melts off by noon (especially in LA). I knew The Luxe Lotion needed to be lightweight and smoothing so makeup could last on it all day.

The final product: The Luxe Lotion. A lightweight and velvety facial moisturizer that balances, repairs, smooths, and soothes. It’s a moisturizer that is makeup-artist approved and can be worn every single day, makeup or no makeup. Its superhero ingredient list benefit your skin short term and long term, and always leave you velvety and youthful. The Luxe Lotion, where natural ingredients don’t mean we sacrifice luxury performance.




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I LOVE everything about the Lux Lotion and I’m especially grateful for the new pump dispenser.

Aubrey Lee October 06, 2022

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