Winter Skin Recovery; Unlock Ultimate Daily Hydration.

Ready to unlock ultimate daily hydration?

Our Founder Dillon Peña walks us through his professional step by step MUA approved hydration routine for maximum glow potential.

CLEASE: Step one:  In the mornings, cleanse with Black Rose Cleansing Gel. Massage onto wet face, rinse well, and pat dry. In the evenings, clean skin with Melting Balm. Gently massage onto dry skin and remove with a warm damp towel.

TREAT: Step Two: After cleansing in both mornings and evenings apply a skin treatment serum. We recommend Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum for a powerful brightening addition. Don’t forget your body needs love too, apply Body Serum after shower or bath.

HYDRATE: Step Three:  After treatment, hydrate with The Rich Cream. Warm between hands and smooth onto skin. Good for both mornings and evenings. Note, if want a lighter moisturizer you might try The Luxe Lotion

FINISH: Step Four: Finish with Lip and Eye Balm to seal in moisture in your most delicate areas. For added hydration and glow finish by pressing a few drops of Luxe Face Oil on top of skincare to further help lock in moisture.

RELAX: Step Five: This one comes easy, light a candle and relax. Leland Francis, where natural doesn’t mean we sacrifice luxury performance.



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