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Founders Note

The Truth: I never intended to create a skincare brand.

As a celebrity and editorial makeup artist for almost two decades, I realized early on that the best foundation to any beauty look is healthy, glowing skin. From growing up on my great-grandparents’ farm in Oklahoma completely integrated in a natural way of life, I believe the most luxurious, efficacious products derive from nature. I knew I needed to find botanical products of supreme quality to achieve the perfect makeup base: a beautiful, radiant complexion. In 2014, after  discovering that gender neutral skincare with these same exacting principles in quality and formulation didn’t exist, I began creating my own products for my makeup kit. My clients’ skin transformed before my eyes and therefore, so did my art.

I present to you Leland Francis — at first, accidentally born to fill a gap in the industry, and now, an intentional skincare brand consciously crafting through both ancient and modern techniques,  ethically sourced, clean, vegan, performance-driven, sustainable products proven to nourish and transform all skin, regardless of gender, age, tone, or type. Your best skin is always within reach with thoughtful products made exclusively from natural ingredients. Powerful results don't need to be complicated. Simplicity has been the answer all along.

Thank you for being here.

— Dillon Peña, Founder

Leland Francis & Ruby Gertrude Towns on their farm in Oklahoma Makeup Artist Dillon Pena
Leland Francis & Ruby Gertrude Towns 
Founder Dillon Peña