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Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum

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Experience the luxurious power of Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum, a master blend of rare botanical extracts and oils. Nourish and re-energize your skin with this scientifically formulated serum. Unleash radiant, glowing skin with nature and science in perfect harmony.

Why is Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum a Must-Have in Your Skincare Arsenal?
Deep Nourishment: Dive into a sea of essential fatty acids, promising unparalleled moisture and rejuvenation for your skin.
Illuminate & Shine: Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a naturally radiant glow.
Nature’s Guard: Shield your skin with robust antioxidant defense against urban stressors.
Soothe & Calm: Experience tranquility as it soothes and calms your skin, keeping inflammations at bay.
Turn Back Time: Witness the magic of anti-aging properties that fade wrinkles and fine lines, ensuring timeless beauty.

Dive Deeper: Key Ingredients of Our Secret Potion:
Tamanu: Pacific's hidden gem that accelerates skin healing and regeneration.
Hazelnut: Tighten, tone, and immerse in the deep hydration of this nature's elixir.
Arnica: The alpine's soothing herb, a panacea for sensitive skin woes.
Frankincense: Embrace youthful exuberance with an ingredient that's as old as time.
Alfalfa: Detox, renew, and transform with this mineral-rich boon.
Dandelion Leaf: Unearth the glow with nature’s radiant detoxifier.
Nettle: Harness the revitalizing surge of nature’s antioxidant-rich reservoir.
Neroli Flower Oil: Elixir of allure, boosting skin elasticity and charm.
Carrot Seed Oil: Revel in the rejuvenating prowess of beta-carotene.
Sandalwood Wood Oil: Soothe with the rarity and opulence of genuine sandalwood essence.
Sea Buckthorn: Dive into hydration and skin revival with omega-enriched goodness.
Jasmine Oil: Elevate the spirit, hydrate and tone with the intoxicating embrace of Jasmine.

Winner of HelloGiggles Beauty Crush Award 2020 for Best Clean Serum

℮  30 mL / 1 fl. oz.

Our commitment to you: Our Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum is clean, cruelty-free, vegan, made in small batches, and free of petroleum, lanolin, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and fragrance. We prioritize sustainability and use recycled, biodegradable materials whenever possible. Our packaging is crafted from recycled paper.

Leland Francis Face Oil / Serum Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum
Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum Sale price$ 90.00