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Wick Trimmer and Snuffer Set

Sale price$ 35.00

Discover the epitome of sophistication in candle care with Leland Francis' exquisite matte black plated stainless steel wick trimmer and candle snuffer set. This duo is not just a functional necessity, but a statement in refined elegance.

WICK TRIMMER: Crafted as a scissor-like tool, our wick trimmer is designed to precisely clip the ashy, excess wick, promising that your next candle experience will be nothing short of a clean and seamless burn. The matte black stainless steel not only adds to its functionality but also infuses a touch of modern luxury into your candle care routine.

SNUFFER: Extinguish your candle with a flair of sophistication. Our snuffer, with its gracefully designed dome head, effortlessly lays over the flame to snuff it out within seconds. No more unwanted smoke or gusts of air. Just place tulip portion of the snuffer on your flame until the flame is extinguished.

Together, these pieces redefine the art of candle care, blending utility with the luxurious aesthetic of Leland Francis. Perfect for gifting or elevating your own candle experience, they symbolize a commitment to elegance and quality in every detail.

Wick Trimmer and Snuffer Set
Wick Trimmer and Snuffer Set Sale price$ 35.00